PAUL ELVERE DELSART and The Original butterfly

PAUL ELVERE DELSART and The Original butterfly

Press kit the papillon source mediterraneaPress kit the papillon source mediterranea (858.23 Ko)


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The butterfly is the symbol of rebirth and change. It is also the mascot of the Papillon Source project, a network of green and autonomous cities promoting scientific partnership and return to the roots.

The idea of this project grew in the mind of Paul Elvere DELSART in 2012 when he, aware of our era’s multiple challenges, decided to make a significant contribution by provoking change and disturbing the status quo.

This is the birth story of the Papillon Source project. Its objective is to offer sustainable cities of innovation, partnership and sharing between people.

Open to every world citizen, the Papillon Source sustainable cities will reunite today’s actors for a better tomorrow on all five continents.

Depending on the different geographic implantations, the project will count multiple labels dedicated to the cities occupying them. The very first label created is the Méditerranée label, with the first two host countries being France and Morocco.



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